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​        ​​​​​​​​​              Welcome to Save Sierra Leone Foundation's Ebola Emergency Response page. ​

Please support our relief efforts  that include donating food and medical supplies to Ebola orphaned children, sensitization Ebola facts.jpgcampaign to get school children currently out of school to engage in "radio schooling" and an infection prevention educational campaign to healthcare workers. Join us in our advocacy efforts for more resources to be devoted to the crisis to ensure that Ebola is contained at the source and does not become a global crisis.                                             

​                                            ​​​​​​​​A MESSAGE FROM DR. ONIKE RODRIGUES - SSLF HEALTHCARE PROGRAM ADVISOR

As Sierra Leone and its closest neighbours Liberia and Guinea combat the deadly Ebola crisis which (according to the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) - January 7, 2015) has claimed over 8,200 lives in West Africa, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those in the medical field who have died in the course of trying to save the lives of others  in the fight against Ebola. Medical practitioners; doctors and nurses both native and foreign to SSLF Dr. Rodrigues.jpgthe West African region have died after being infected by the Ebola virus while treating patients. In Sierra Leone, Ebola has already claimed theEbola key areas.jpg lives of  ten brilliant medical doctors, fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Mama Salone:   

One of these individuals, Dr. Olive Buck was also a former colleague of mine by association with the West African College of Physicians. I am a member of the Ghana chapter and I was informed she was very active in the local chapter promoting the College 's ideals in Sierra Leone and in helping the administration locally. I knew Dr. Kahn personally, another medical doctor who died from Ebola. He did his residency training in Ghana and I admired him because he had used his personal savings to part sponsor his training. 

On behalf of all SSLF members globally, the SSLF executive team and staff,  I want to convey our deepest sympathy to the families of these great individuals who have shown us the real meaning of the word "patriotism".

For the rest of us to ensure that these dedicated Sierra Leoneans have not died in vain, we must trudge on in earnest to combat this deadly virus. We need to intensify our advocacy to world leaders to keep Ebola on the forefront of their global agenda. Key commitment to combating the Ebola crisis from President Obama in the USA, Prime Minister Cameron in the U.K., Prime Minister Harper of Canada, President Merkel of Germany and  leaders from other key countries will shore up support to entities like the WHO and other leading health bodies that possess the know-how and resources to deal with this crisis.

We should consistently expect and demand that our government maintains a proactive stance in the fight against Ebola. We should also continue to support those NGOs, non-profits and faith based organizations that are actually doing work on the ground in Sierra Leone right now, organizations providing support of healthcare supplies, food, clothing, shelter to needy Sierra Leoneans along with a spiritual message of hope for a better Ebola free tomorrow.

We should endeavor to provide some form of sustenance; cash and/or food and medical supplies to relatives and friends enduring a crisis that is also creating a severe economic toll on the country, causing extreme hardships on our most vulnerable, the children of Sierra Leone.

In my opinion, confronting the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and the region in general calls for the involvement of all; governments have the authority, leading health entities like the WHO have the expertise, NGOs and faith based organizations have distribution access, especially to those individuals living in remote areas, businesses have the resources and individuals should be encouraged to become part of the solution as well.  For  most of us while it may not be feasible for us to be actively engaged in the Ebola fight in Sierra Leone we can always play a vicarious role through involvement with any one of the various NGOs or faith-based entities doing worthwhile work in Sierra Leone at this critical time.

I urge all reading this to find a way to become engaged in the fight against Ebola and by so doing, in one way or the other collectively we will be demonstrating our immense appreciation and gratitude for the ultimate sacrifices made by those great Sierra Leonean doctors, our fallen heroes to EVD. .


  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:     ​​                                                                         SSLF EER Brochure.pdf
   01.07.15 - USG West Africa Ebola Outbreak Fact Sheet.pdf

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Please download and distribute this free booklet for distribution to the general public in Sierra Leone. Courtesy of the author, David Murana. 

EVD (P)_booklet (1).pdf

EVD Information and Advice.jpg

Please download and distribute this free booklet to healthcare workers in Ebola infected areas. Courtesy of the author, David Murana. EVD infection control Booklet.pdf

Infection control precautions.jpg

Excerpts from Word Bank Report - Sierra Leone Economy Suffers.  

WHO Sept 22 Ebola report.jpg

World Bank - Economic Impact Ebola Update 2 Dec 2014.pdf










When the EVD crisis broke out , David Murana was one of the first individuals to offer infection control assistance to healthcare workers in Sierra Leone. He immediately made available for free distribution his first booklet titled The Ebola Virus - Infection Control Precautions to healthcare workers in the country. In December 2014, Mr. Murana also made available for free distribution to the general public a second booklet titled Ebola Virus Disease - Information and Advice.  During that same month, SSLF through one of its support entity, "Reach In For The Stars Foundation" distributed 200 copies of this booklet to the heads of colleges and universities in Sierra Leone as well as other key players in the educational sector at a symposium organised in Freetown to explore various ways these tertiary institutions can play a role in Ebola relief efforts.  Mr. Murana's booklet  was well received and singled out by many in the audience as the best EVD information booklet currently avilable in the country.  SSLF plans country wide distribution of these booklets in the ensuring months.

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