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Reach In For The Stars (RIFTS) Foundation

​                                                                                                                       (A Save Sierra Leone Educational Support Project) 

The Entity: 

cam (2014_05_23 07_54_29 UTC).pngRIFTS  Foundation is a not for profit charitable Trust founded by educationalist Dr. Christiana Thorpe, set up primarily to provide a support base for those female university students in Sierra Leone who are often victims of predatory sexual blackmail by some University lecturers in order to pass their exams. The Trust, officially launched on May 16th 2014 by Mr. Paul Szkiler, the Chairman of the investment firm, Truestone Group is registered as a local non-governmental organisation, under number MSWGCA/VOL/164/2014 with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs in Sierra Leone. RIFTS is governed by a Board of Trustees, headed by Dr. Thorpe as the Founding Chair and assisted by a team of Advisory Committee executives. The Trust aims to address at the tertiary level, issues affecting the progress of female education in Sierra Leone through the establishment of RIFTS clubs in campuses throughout the country. 

​The Philosophy:   Reach in to reach out. 

RIFTS can be view as a vehicle for empowerment making practical use of two key guiding principles that have proved invaluable to its founding chair on her life's journey.  Hope and Support.  The RIFTS philosophy of "Reach in to reach out"  stems from a belief system of hope in humanity and hope inPaul 1.jpg the human potential. It suggests that no matter how low and impoverished  a person's status in life may be, she has talents that are yet to be realized or fully exploited. When that individual is given support encouraging her to bring out these talents and put them to proper use in the service of others,  she can do nothing else but succeed and become a productive member of society in the process. 

The Vision:

For all young people in Sierra Leone, especially girls and young women to be able to tap into their potentials and bring out the best of their talents for personal self -empowerment and to contribute to general national development. 

The Mission:

To provide a support system mainly for girls and women engaged in university pursuits in Sierra Leone to achieve their aspirations unfettered and unhindered.​

RIFTS provides counseling support and legal assistance to sexually harassed student victims in colleges and universities throughout Sierra eone.  The organisation also conducts research on sexual harrasment in tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone and provides scholarships to those ​students most vulnerable to this form of abuse.​

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The foundation's effort is partly supported by proceeds from the sale of the book, Reach In For The Stars - Biography of Dr. Christiana Ayoka Mary Thorpe
The book is also being sponsored by the foundation's benefactors for free distribution to school libraries throughout Sierra Leone.



SSLF Directors Ms. Emma Fofana and Mr. Prince Thorpe donating school items to FAWE  primary school students.DSC_0006.JPG

FAWE school children performing a yoga salutation to Reach In For The Stars.DSC_0346.JPG

Sierra Leone's First Lady, Mrs. Sia Koroma (at left) shares a laugh with Dr. Thorpe. DSC_0379.JPG









Ambassador from the Irish Embassy gets a copy of the book.



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 U.K, based author, Dr. Michael Wundah talks about a  journey (RIFTS book project ) that started some five years ago.

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Dr, Thorpe gives a warm embrace to her primary school teacher, Mrs. Alice Williams as her role model, Canon Mrs. Gracie Williams (sitting down at right) enjoys the magical moment.
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